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DTTS is committed to providing businesses of any size with corporate quality applications and technical support. Let us help you get your business off the ground, tackle existing issues, or accelerate your operation's growth. We at DTTS understand the needs of business owners, and we take pride in the personal attention we pay to each and every client.

  • Custom software development
  • Small office networking and security
  • Cloud software implementation and integration

Whether you are a home user with a new system, a small business just opening its doors, or an established organization looking for the right development partner, DTTS will provide you with the tools, education, and assistance you will need to get the most out of your electronic environment.

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Our EMERGE Methodology

What sets DTTS apart from our competition is our unique way of approaching each engagement. Using our proprietary EMERGE methodology, we can ensure that our clients are part of the entire development lifecycle, regardless of the size of the project. Here is how it works:

  • E: Engage

    The development staff at DTTS starts by sitting down with the client and conducting a thorough investigation into the true nature of the proposed project. This discussion helps shape the course of the project and establishes clear expectations for both the client and the development staff. Documents are produced from this step to ensure all parties are in agreement about the scope of the project before any more work is done.

  • Once the requirements for the project are uncovered, the DTTS development staff develops modeling diagrams of the overall solution. This is done to help bridge the gap between the requirement documents and the actual programming work that will result.

  • Now that we have documented proper models of how the project should work, staff members at DTTS engineer the technical architecture of the solution based on criteria supplied by the client: type of processing environment, proposed capacity of the solution, software/hardware previously purchased, etc. The technocal environment is matched to the software models to form a complete picture of the new solution.

  • This is where we feel that DTTS is a step ahead of our competition. Before any work is done to create the proposed solution, DTTS staff members take the documentation produced to this point back to the client for a stringent review. Each section of the solution is discussed and either confirmed to be correct or tagged for redesign. The end result of this step is a complete understanding on both the client side as well as with DTTS staff as to the construction of the solution and therefore the entire scope of work. Each side walks away from the review with a clear picture of what needs to be done.

  • Now comes the fun part - putting the entire solution together. DTTS staff builds the solution according to the agreed-upon specifications and works with client staff to determine the best path to implement the new product. Rigorous testing is done to ensure that the quality of the end product exceeds client expectations.

  • We have done everything we need to do to create the solution - now it is time to get it up and running. The system is delivered to the client, and DTTS staff members help employ the solution according to client specifications. We do not just walk away at that point - employment of any solution comes with full technical support on any and all aspects of the end product that was delivered. You can count on DTTS to stand behind the work we do and ensure that it exceeds all expectations.


DTTS can design a solution that meets the specific needs of your business

Custom software development and networking solutions mean that you get what you need in the capacity that you need it:

Website Development 100%
Network Implementation 60%
Cloud Software Integration 75%
Data Security/Regulatory Compliance 85%


DTTS staff memebers are well versed and experienced in a wide variety of information technology disciplines, tools and programming languages. No matter what your technology situation might be, DTTS is prepared to help you in all areas of information technology, including but not limited to:

Website Development

Complete functioning websites with custom designed front-end, middleware and back-end components

Network Implementation

Network your entire office and safely connect your people to internal resources as well as the internet

Mobile Applications

Keep customers and employees connected while out of the office with mobile solutions designed for your business needs

Security Management

Make sure your data storage and people are secure and regulatory compliant if needed

Need a custom technology solution that is perfect for your business?

We look forward to talking with you about your business requirements - contact us today for a free evaluation consultation!

Our Team

Whether you are a home user with a new system, a small business just opening its doors, or an established organization looking for the right development partner, DTTS is ready to provide you with the tools, education, and assistance you will need to get the most out of your technology environment.

Brian Asselin

Principal Owner

With over 30 years of experience covering a wide range of technology disciplines, Brian brings an excellent mix of networking, programming, and infrastructure skills to any technology situation. Brian has worked extensively with a number of companies over his 30+ years in the information technology industry, developing experience with many different computing platforms, operating systems, programming languages, and methods of solving complex problems through the application of technology.

Brian employs a hand-picked staff of well seasoned professionals who, like himself, share a natural affinity for working with technology. From legacy systems to the latest developments in hardware and software, his team has extensive practical experience in the information technology industry spanning over four decades.


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